Simulators – F1

The entertainment, research and driver training industries accelerate their expectations, capabilities and efficiency with simulators.

IRTIC develops a Formula 1 driving simulator with which to show the great advantages of this type of equipment, in collaboration with eSRobotics, to promote the development of high-level entertainment platforms and the development of training and education systems for drivers or machinery operators, in controlled environments.

Main features:

  • Six degrees of freedom
  • Maximum acceleration 0.9G; linear speed 60 cm / s; angular speed 60º / s
  • High-resolution 3-channel vision system. It includes three FHD projectors, with a total resolution of 5760×1080 pixels. 3m curved screen. diameter. Viewing area equivalent to 250 “.
  • Real Formula 1 cockpit. Includes real acceleration and braking pedals, with realistic feedback forces. Servo-motorized steering wheel, with full control equipment and realistic feedback forces.
  • High performance graphic cluster. Includes four channels of vision. 3 for the pilot and 1 for the control system.