your right-hand partner.

eSRobotics researches and develops projects with you and for you. AI, IoT, Collaborative Robotics, … at your fingertips.

We care about the design of models and systems with the minimum cost for your company. We develop your projects maximizing the profit margin. We use the latest technology to improve the safety and comfort of your workers. We investigate so that your products offer the best service to your customers.

As part of your projects, eSRobotics creates, together with you, a solid and multidisciplinary team. eSRobotics guarantees you access to cutting-edge knowledge generated in the most important research groups and institutes. With us, your projects have only one way, success.

What do we do

You face a world in continuous change, a society increasingly in need of technological efficiency. Applying high technology to your business is the only way forward. At eSRobotics we develop and apply cutting-edge technology to business projects. Let us help you.

We are your technology partner. We take your projects towards their technical viability with maximum safety, efficient production at minimum cost, fair service with the best support for your clients and the highest profitability for your company.


We work to find the best technological solutions that, with today’s efforts, bring the future closer to our customers.

We help you in:

  • Collaborative robotics and automation
  • Artificial intelligence and simutation
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • IoT and cloud computing
  • Global integration if industry 4.0 in the company, …


  • Eco-sustainable solutions
  • Preserving the environment
  • Social responsability
  • Improve the lives of others
  • Ethical and responsible innovation

How do we do it?

Our knowledge of high technology makes us the best partner for your projects. We put your company one step ahead of the competition.

eSRobotics puts Industry 4.0, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, collaborative and service robotics, automation, sensorization, cloud computing at your fingertips … all the cutting edge technology to make your projects a success.

There’s still more. At eSRobotics we firmly believe in the transfer of knowledge between the academic world and business. That is why we have created an ecosystem where important groups and research institutes add their knowledge to your projects.


Do you want us to talk to you about the topic of Charles Darwin and his theory of adaptation of species… or that we work together to adapt your company to new ways of producing and selling? We know what you need.


  • Basic research applied to real problems
  • Analylis of viable solutions
  • Innovative and efficient design
  • Project ad-hoc development


Active and attentive listening to the needs of our clients is part of our DNA.

We are interested so that your projects are profitable.

Who do it?

eSRobotics is a technological company, formed by a large team of engineers and doctors involved in important research and development groups. We apply cutting-edge technology to your projects. We have extensive teaching, research and product development experience with which to meet the needs of your company.


Volatility/Uncertainty/Complexity/Ambiguity. eSRobotics is your technological partner to overcome the new scenario that your company faces, putting engineering and research at the highest level within your reach.


Agility/Trust/Creativity/Engagement.  As a perfect complement to your own resources, eSRobotics has the knowledge and technology capable of placing your company in an efficient and responsible scenario.


You will always find us ready to work for your projects, your dreams, your needs, your goals.

Always open.

By your side from the start

eSRobotics, much more than Engineers and PhDs: a Team

Luis A. Morró – Managing Partner. Business Development & Operations

He is trained as an Industrial Technical Engineer, specialized in Mechanics and Machinery Construction at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

32-year professional career in different areas related to business management such as: CEO, General Director and Commercial Consultant and Marketing operations, Strategy and Investments.

Lisardo Fernández – Managing Partner. Technical Development

Trained as an Electrical Engineer, specialized in Electronics by the UPV, Graduated in Computer Engineering by the UV and Master in Artificial Intelligence by the UPV.

Professional career of 20 years as partner in charge of sales management and technical development at TECAS S.A. and bio-informatics researcher at the ETSE-UV.